About Us

Mumbai G-Fair is the largest South Korean B2B expo in India focusing on manufacturers of Industrial, Electrical & Electronics, Consumer & Health care Products held in Mumbai! Mumbai G-fair provides all attendees the opportunity to network and trade with some of the top South Korean companies in the world while providing valuable information about the industry.

This event is organized by GBC (Gyeonggi Business Center), Mumbai.

GBC (Gyeonggi Business Center), Mumbai is an initiative of Gyeonggi provincial government of Republic of Korea (South Korea) situated at Mumbai. GBC Mumbai is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promote trade between India and South Korea.

We would like to invite you for the upcoming Trade Event “G-FAIR KOREA-2019, South Korea Sourcing Fair" on 15th & 16th May 2019 between 9 am to 6 pm at Sahara Sapphire Event Hall, Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai.

Benefits for Pre-Registered Visitors:

  • Pre-arranged 1:1 meetings with South Korean Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Source New & Innovative products and suppliers from South Korea
  • Take up distribution of South Korean Products for Indian subcontinent
  • No registration fee & free brochure and Invitation by post

Companies of your Interest

You can check participant companies on our website (http://mumbai.gfair.or.kr)

FREE Visitor Registration

LED & Electronic gadgets

Indi-Power, Led Lighting, Ac Direct Led Driver IC, Colorex, Led Light, Motorcycle Smart Key System, Xenomix- A Multi-Use Smartphone Holder, Wireless Charger, Looker Red, Privacy Filter, Anti-Shock, Protector, Junction box, Car Door Protector,High Bay Lighting, Canopy Lighting, Replace FL lamp, Junction box, Car Door Protector, etc.

Consumer & Kitchenware

Toothbrushes, Clean World Ace-Toothpaste, Butouch-Digital Painting Brush, Sunglasses, Calf-Band, Laundry Care, Magic Bubble, Retort Pouch, Multifunctional Aluminum Mop, Finger Ring Mobile Case, S-Back, Color Ceramic Coated Cookware, Hanaliving Index Cutting Board, Dayummy- Multipurpose Kitchenware, Frypan & Pot, Supreme- Aluminum Cook wares, Frying Pan You Want, Qooca-Tumblender, Water Ionizer, Alkaliser, Anti-Bacterial Cutting Board, Food Canister, Lucid Speaker, Waters Therapy Shower, Pro Floor, Wine, liquor, Cider, etc.

Beauty and Wellness Products

Encara Skin Balance- Skin Care Products, White Which-Skin Brightening Cream, Beauty Life, Intense Pulsed Light, Lashpop Juicy, Hydrogel Eye Patch, Avant-Scene Moisturizing Mineral Liquid Foundation, Smasthera-Stem Cell Product, Baby Waterproof - Pad, Blanket, Cloth Diapers, Angel's Wing- Baby Wet Tissue, Kids Mat, Super Snow Ice Shaver, Hair Treatment Shampoo, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Beauty Device, Baby Laundry Detergent, etc.

Industrial & Construction Equipments

Plastic Cable Carrier, Nix Tile, Fire Detector, Silicone Sealant, Safety Cover For Weeder, Fiber Optic Product, Engineering Plastic, Plastic Cable Carrier, Nix Tile, Fire Detector, Silicone Sealant, Glovebox, Leakban, Atmospheric Plasma System, Vibration & Noise Control Products, Carstopper, Hydraulic Breaker, Injection Pump, Z-Ton Aerial Work Platform, Automatic Resin Filling System, Daebo Stone, Utility Cart (Trolley), Hose Reel, Sensor Faucet, Fluidized Cleaning System, Rubytile, A.C Induction Motor, Asphalt Stemping, etc.